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Matt is an award-winning writer of jaw-dropping features, short films and short stories.

He takes a playfully twisted approach to genre stories, giving "normal" people the worst day of their lives, squeezing and squeezing until they shoot off like a lemon pip - either as heroes or monsters. 

Based in Wales, his stories have been making people laugh, cringe, and scream since he was a kid.

His dark comedy feature PAUL DOOD'S DEADLY LUNCH BREAK is available on SKY Movies in the UK, and will soon be released in other territories, including the US. In 2021 it played the festival circuit and won numerous awards, including best screenplay at SXSW and seven - including best script - at Toronto After Dark. 

Matt's also a published author, and his Scandinavian-themed short stories can be found in fantasy anthologies in the UK. Matt has an MA in TV/Radio Scriptwriting from Salford University, where he also taught for five years, and he has four features in active development. 

When he's not busy torturing his characters, Matt loves spending time with his awesome - and patient - family, doing the hills and beaches thing, and having adventures in their unique, bi-colored campervan.