Information about my produced and published work.

Comedy Feature

After his chances of winning a national talent contest are ruined, a fame hungry underachiever plans a deadly revenge rampage: one lunch break, five spectacular murders! 

I created this project around 10 years ago, and it's been brought to life by a stellar team of writers, performers and stars. It's produced by Finn Bruce at Belstone Pictures, directed by Nick Gillespie, and it premiered at SXSW 2021.  

Supernatural Horror Feature

A twenty-two year-old with a terrible secret struggles to protect the baby she is sitting for - but is the danger real or imaginary?

I was brought in to help write this classic Gothic story - part ghost story, part psychological thriller. 

"[T]he atmosphere is thick, the pacing is tense, the mystery is interesting and the scares are scary ..." (Fan Carpet review)

Comedy Short

A sickly old man goes on a quest across the city to recover his stolen shop-mobility.

I wrote this short, which was produced and directed by my good friend and regular collaborator Nick Gillespie. We made it with support of the then Film Council, and had a blast! The star, Clive Cope, has an awesome cameo in Paul Dood's Deadly Lunchbreak.

Winner, "Best International Comedy Short ", New York Independent Film Festival 2010.

Supernatural Horror Short

A businessman is haunted by a terrifying spectre of a ghostly boy - and has to take desperate measures to defend himself. 

My first collaboration with Nick Gillespie. 

Short Story

A horrible bully summons a guardian angel to improve her image, but when the ceremony goes wrong she's got far bigger problems than unpopularity to deal with. 

This short is published in AJ Dalton's anthology "The Book of Angels", and it's a sequel to "The Nine Rules of the Nisse".

Short Story

When a simple girl wishes for a Nisse, she gets a Nisse, only to find that a legendary house elf is a far more dangerous guest than she ever imagined. 

This Scandinavian-inspired short is published in The Book of Orm, an anthology by acclaimed fantasy author and literary academic AJ Dalton.